ADAPT doesn’t board dogs, we feel a more realistic insight into the dog is having them in a home situation being treated just as we treat our own dogs until they are chosen by a forever family……. Fostering is a temporary housing and a lifetime of loving each dog. Foster families are responsible for the proper feeding of the foster dog, teaching good house manners and working on any “weak” areas that might keep a dog from either BEING adopted or STAYING adopted….

ADAPT covers all medical costs of the dog, provided the care has been PRE-approved by the rescue, and we will assist with monthly heart-worm prevention if the foster home needs the help. In return the dog is safe from a shelter environment and is loved until they are selected by a family to be a lifelong companion…..

Many argue that they will get “too attached” “couldn’t give them up” to effectively foster, but I tell you that when you accept an animal into your home and YOU are part of the animals future, have say in WHO gets this animal and KNOW that the animal is going to a home who will love and care for them the way they deserve, it’s MUCH easier to hand the leash to another family.

You know too that the safe, happy rehoming of a foster dog will leave room in your home and hearts for the next deserving animal. Foster families get to see the application for the particular dog they are fostering, get to talk to potential family members, are allowed to, in fact ENCOURAGED to keep in touch with the adopting family and get routine updates and photo’s. A lifetime of friendships can easily be made between fosters and the adopting family.

Consider being a foster, TRY it, if you can’t/don’t like it, it’s not working out, we will find another place for the dog. You won’t be stuck with the dog. You only need the desire to save a life, a desire to make a difference and the ability to open your heart and home temporarily and YOU can save a DOBERMAN’S life and make a difference.

If you’d like to find out more, contact us.