Some of our Dobies that have found new forever homes



Bailey – ADOPTED
Bailey has been at ADAPT for 3 months now. She was surrendered to ADAPT after a divorce. She is 2 years old and  potty-trained. A great inside dog, you can trust. She needs a good family, loves being the center of attention, is a loyal protector, and will stay by your side. Come meet Bailey so you can hit it off!





Blake is about 2 years old and has been at ADAPT for about a week. He was hit by a car  and his leg needed to amputated from the damage and infection. He’s learning to adapt to 3 legs and I will be ready to adopt soon. He will need a real commitment as he might need a bit of extra help here and there. With the right family, together you’ll do things not thought possible.

Note: Blake is a resilient dog and learning how to overcome his new disability. He has remained happy throughout his ordeal.



Jeremy – ADOPTED
Hello new owner! Jeremy has tons of personality and pizzazz! He’s only 2 years old and housebroken. He also listens better than most people. He gets along great with other dogs, primarily female, and loves to play. If you’re a runner, then he’s your dog. You can race to see who is the fastest, he’ll even give you a head start. He may be better as the only dog in your life. Come to ADAPT so we can meet and you can start having great adventures together.




Megan is a sweet, 9 month old, young lady. She has been here at ADAPT since she was a 9 weeks old. Half of the litter came to ADAPT very sick, and were all nursed back to great health. Her brothers and sisters have all been adopted. She’s a loving little girl and has enough love for any size family. She’s all about playing, listens well, but is still a puppy so she has to work a little harder sometimes. She’s getting better with each passing day. Come visit her at ADAPT, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with her.




Phinn has been at adapt for a year now. He’s about 2 years old and was training to be a service dog. Unfortunately, his last owner needed more care than he could give her. He would be a great addition to your family. He’s a big, fun loving, guy that listens really well. His mind is a sponge so he can learn whatever you need him to. He may be the only dog you will meet that can smile and I has pretty teeth to show. Come and meet Phinn and he’ll show you in person.




Niko is 2 years old and has been at ADAPT for a year now. He has been abused and has bald spots that will never grow hair and is still recovering from the emotional toll the abuse took on him. He’s really a sweet doggie and need a secure, quiet and relaxing home. He needs to feel safe. We hope this doesn’t scare you away. We know with the right owners, he will get back to being a fun-loving dog and will always be by your side. Please really think about his feelings before you commit to him as he is a dog that can’t take being returned.


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